Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 42: Spokane, WA to Ritzville, WA: Day 43: Early Morning (J's Version)

Good morning! Surprisingly, in the small town of Ritzville there's a Starbucks at the rest stop. We
Oregon or bust!!!!
are on route to Umatilla, OR today; however, it's 106 miles and the heat has been an issue, so we're really hoping to at least cross the OR line today. Yesterday, the wind was in G's favor. For example, at one point he did 30 miles in an hour and a half!! I was following him on the GPS tracker and looked away for a minutes and couldn't believe how far he went in such a short amount of time. 

Yesterday, after I left Atticus' coffee shop, I did explore the Riverfront area in Spokane. It reminded me of a mini Central Park. There was a carousal, lots of different walking paths, and even a sky coaster type of ride that brings you up and over the entire park. Before I parted ways in Spokane, I did stop into the Boo Radley store. It's the type of store that's filled with many quirky odds and ends like if you ever have a desire to buy a number 2 pencil that has fake "number 2" as the eraser. #bathroom humor. 
Interesting way of transporting kids to the carousal ahead.

Riverfront area of Spokane

I should have taken a ride.

Boo Radley was actor Robert Duvall's first role! He didn't even have any lines!
Although, in the novel Boo whispers in the voice of a child, "Take me home."
I did buy Shakespearean Insult bandages from the Boo Radley store. I love stuff like that for my classroom. Next time a student asks for a band aid, he or she can get some Elizabethan culture as well. 
LOVE these!
Yesterday, we had a somewhat difficult decision to make. G and I met here at Ritzville, and he already had ridden about 80 miles and probably could have gone another 20. The thing is though, there weren't any towns in that area, so I would have to pick him up and drive another 20 miles for a hotel then bring him back there again in the morning. We decided to just stay put in Ritzville.

One of our friends recently asked if the end of the trip would be bittersweet since it's almost done. I didn't really know how to quite answer that. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO incredibly proud of G, and I'm looking forward to having him dip his wheel in the Pacific more than anything and this entire trip has been a great adventure, but at the same time, I'm ready to be back home. Surprisingly, G said the same thing, too, when we talked about it. I think the heat and miles are wearing on him. He said, "Next time we do this, (LOL inside my head) I'd prefer to take my time and only do 50 miles a day, so we can have more time to explore and not be rushed." One of our many lottery dreams. 
A cyclist's worst nightmare.

Also, in reflection, I'm torn if we should have started from the West Coast and went East. The wind would have been more on our side, BUT we would have had a bigger cheering section for G's arrival. As of right now, it's just me, myself, and I. Don't get me wrong. I love the aura that is J, but this is really a big deal, and even though G is rather shy, I know he wants an audience. Did you just chuckle or possibly laugh out loud? Even if you don't know him personally, i'm sure you have gathered from this blog and the videos that he is anything but shy. We had a great cheering section in Portland, ME from some family and friends when we left, and that was amazing in itself. 

Ken (the other cross country cyclist G met) just made it to the east coast yesterday in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. He posted many pictures of his family and friends greeting him. It was really sweet and such a great accomplishment. He completed his journey is 47/48 days. It's funny because as of right now we should be arriving at the ocean on day 46 or 47, too. 

Three things I've learned:Tips/Advice

1. Chamois Butt'r or it's street name: Butt Cream: If you're going to be riding your bike for a long period of time invest in Chamois Butt'r. It comes in a variety of ways. In a tube, in little packets, in a deodorant type of stick, etc. Even though G has been cycling for decades, he never used this cream until now, and it definitely helps with irritations and chaffing while riding. Either bike shops or larger sports stores like Dick's would have it. 

2. Check the fridge: I can't tell you how many drinks/food we've left in the refrigerator in the hotel rooms we've stayed at. We always remember as an after thought. It's the only thing holding me back from the Roadie Support Crew MVP award. 

3. Buy a helmet cam: G's helmet cam was a great investment. The cam we got was only 50 bucks. Of course there are others that are probably better quality, but you're going to be paying a few hundred bucks for them. For 50 bucks, it's easy to use and does not get in the way of anything. He's been able to take photos and videos with ease as he rides. 

Have a great day!!!


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