Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our first entry! Four months until SHOWTIME!

J here. Otherwise known as "The Mrs." or the "Roadie/Support Crew" for our upcoming husband and wife cross country journey.

TEAM Gerenfier
I'm really excited to embark on this trek. I've never gone cross country before and have only visited a handful of states. Since i'll have a lot of free time on my hands, I plan on blogging vigorously. Who knows? I might pen the great American-Half Vietnamese novel from this experience. Oh, and of course reading will prioritize my time. I might even give ole Finnegan's Wake a try. *Giggles* However, there is one thing I cannot succumb to. Repeat after me: Facebook will not consume me. Facebook will not consume me. 

I can ride, too. Just not as fast, as much, or up hills.
G will be biking between 6-8 hours a day while I drive ahead and stake out our destination and mix with the locals. Coffee shops and bookstores watch out! 

As much as I am thrilled for the adventure, I do have to admit that i'm a bit scared and nervous, too. I worry about him on busy, unfamiliar roads out in the middle of nowhere. I guess it's just the "worried wife" in me. Although, back in the day, he cycled from Florida to Rhode Island in two weeks by himself.  Also, I worry about me driving around finding places on my own. Some people may ask, "Why don't you ride your bike with him?" The simplest answer is: I don't want to. Plus, approaching this journey as a team effort with me driving the support vehicle will make the overall experience fuller and rich. Most cyclists who do this ride without support have to carry 60-90+ lbs of equipment on their bikes, which can slow them down.

This map isn't the exact route, (it's still being determined) but it's close.

Ever since G and I got together five years ago, he's told me about his lifelong dream cycling coast to coast. Initially, I was reluctant (like very reluctant and pissy) but came around. He has such passion and determination to achieve this feat. How could I not change my mind? I'm thankful to be a part of it and so proud of my hubs! 

Riding tandem through San Diego's Balboa Park.

Even though the trip is still 4 months away, there is A LOT to do and think about. Seriously, if you ever plan on doing a bucket list item this large, just know there's so much that goes into it. Money. Planning. Directions. Promotion. At least I can cross getting the blog started off of my list :o)

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