Diet Ideology: A little Nutella goes a LONG way.

Diet Ideology

Eat what you want.  Just don't eat a lot.

Not This

That's it.
You want something more in depth, go make someone rich and buy their book.  The simple truth is, you can't get fat on AIR.  If you don't put it into your body, your body won't be hanging on to it.  Moderate your portions.  Vary your foods.  Enjoy life!!!

Most "diets" don't work because people view them as temporary conditions.  Who in their right mind would eat steak and grapefruit the rest of their lives?  So they lose the 30 or 40 pounds and then put it right back on again.

Diet is the food you eat ON A DAILY BASIS. It doesn't change on the weekend, or just before bikini season.  It is your regular habit that keeps you healthy  EVERY DAY.

In the end, the only magic bullet that exists out their  (other than the Nutri Bullet, which is way cool) is will power.   And will power comes from inside you.  You can buy a bunch of books on the topic and make a bunch of authors a little wealthier, but every single one of them is going to tell you to stop looking for will power in their books and to start looking for it inside YOU.

I like the idea of eating whatever I want, because I like all things food - except for okre and chicken hearts.  I'm not frustrated because I WANT a brownie but can't have it.  I CAN have a brownie, and can enjoy the heck out of that brownie.  I just don't eat the whole pan of brownies.

Using my MFA expertise at the Yale Art Gallery
That being said, I'm not a doctor.  If your doctor tells you to not eat brownies, LISTEN TO HIM.  He went to medical school.  I on the other hand have an MFA in theatre.

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