Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I know we haven't been updating this blog much lately, but the plain truth is we've both been so busy LIVING our life that we haven't had a whole lot of time to RECORD it. According to the video Look Up this fact is just fine. Just click on the link, have the patience to watch the ENTIRE video and you'll see what I mean. My students recently made me aware of this video and for that I am grateful.

I'm grateful for quite a few other things, but the one pivotal event of my life that I will ALWAYS be thankful for is that of marrying my wife. Without her, none of this would really matter very much at all.

That being said, in just ONE MONTH, she and I will be embarking on an AWESOME adventure!!!!!!  I am so looking forward to having ONE thing to do on a daily basis: RIDE WEST and EXPLORE NEW TERRITORY!

Ok, so maybe that's actually TWO things, but it definitely beats the 200 things on our plates to get finished between now and then.

Lately, my SHORT rides have been about 27 miles. I feel EXCELLENT while doing them...very strong and refreshed at the end of each. My speed has plateaued around 13 mph. But that will most certainly improve during the time when the ONLY thing I have to concentrate on is pedaling.

One of my main philosophies was stolen from the movie Peaceful Warrior.  And the author of that movie stole it from someone else. No matter. The original author of the idea wouldn't mind.  Here's the idea: Be happy NOW.

I AM happy now. I've got everything I need to be happy and on June 21'st I will CONTINUE to be happy!  VEY happy. Life is good!