Equipment: Everything Else

An army travels on its stomach.  

A cyclist travel's on its butt.

MK8A Spongy Wonder bike seat - autonomically correct bicycle seat for road bike and mountain bike
The quote above completely captures the experience of cycling. Hands down the most important piece of equipment for a cyclist is THE SEAT.

I would rather go 3300 miles on a crappy bike with a good seat than 3300 feet on a GREAT bike with a lousy seat. Standard bicycle seats are just plain wrong and should be banned.

Think about it: they put warning labels on cigarettes and have even banned certain types of cooking oil in NYC.  But when it comes to a five inch hunk of plastic or leather that sticks up into your reproductive organs and cuts off all circulation to them, the government is completely silent.

Well that all ends NOW.  You want to know what I'm riding for? I'm riding for AWARENESS! The reason more people don't ride bicycles is because they are using the WRONG SEAT!  Allow me to introduce you to the last seat you'll ever buy...unless of course you have more than one bike. I am referring to the Spongy Wonder. (pictured above)
Aside from the world's goofiest name, this is the world's most comfortable seat.  There are plenty of alternatives, and I have tried almost all of them. The spongy wonder is the ONLY seat I know of that puts one pad under each butt cheek and put's absolutely NO pressure on anything else. Check the website out for yourself, then do your naughty bits a favor and buy one!
Spongy Wonder Site

Downside: The only downside I've read about to this seat is that it makes steering the bicycle a little harder. It seems that the bicycle horn, which sticks up through the major arteries in your crotch is used by cyclists to lean the bike to the right or the left.

My reply: If you need to use your gonads to steer a bicycle, perhaps you should be doing something else for exercise.

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