Sunday, March 30, 2014

The most THOUGHTFUL gift EVER!!

I'm sure you all remember the "Best Friends" necklaces from childhood. One friend would receive the "Best" charm while the other kept the "Friends" part. I certainly went through my fair share of these trinkets. Well, a few weeks ago, one of our friends from work gave us custom made necklaces inspired from the "Best Friends" model as tokens for our upcoming journey. Get your tissues ready. I mean it. Did you get them? 

She contacted a guy that carves out images from quarters. The quarter is from Oregon (our destination in case you forgot). G's necklace has a guy riding a bicycle, while my half is a woman waving at him. When you put the two together it makes a whole just like our love. Awwwww shucks! We both were bawling and immediately passed out hugs. This gift is by far one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Seriously. Thanks sooo much!!!

Very happy!

Best gift ever, the G rated version:

There I was dishing up a huge dose of Civics instruction to my first period class and in walks L. Without a word, she crosses to the back of my classroom and puts a box on the back desk and then leaves. When I finally open it, it's a card that expresses support and enthusiasm for the trip J and me are about to take. Her words were open, honest, direct and simply one of the sweetest expressions of thought I have ever read.

But it didn't stop there: Along with the card were two necklaces: one had a little cyclist on it, and the other had a woman in what looked like a victory pose, arms in the air. By themselves, and accompanied by the card they were enough to make me start crying.  But then when L showed me that they were actually two haves of one single coin, an Oregon quarter that she had had custom made for us, I was shocked....and inspired.

In the often jarring journey that all humans take, we sometimes focus so intently on our own paths, that we forget the beauty and wonder that our fellow humans are capable of.  L reminded me of that beauty and I will remember her example forever. Thank you L!
Your friend,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Madness: 3 Months Until Showtime!!

The Jenard is ready, the Gerard is ready, the only thing that is "in need of improvement" is the WEATHER.
After the disappointment of Monday, March 3rd, I am officially OVER IT.  You could promise me a last minute reprieve from the governor tomorrow and I'd say, "Take it back Gov, I'm going to school!"

That's code for NO MORE SNOW DAYS!!!

On the bright side, I've been improving my speed consistency.  It's one thing to clock 21.8 mph when you're only doing 15 minutes, but yet another situation all together to maintain that speed for 6 hours.  My best 6 hour time so far is around 15 mph.  However, I recently improved my ONE hour time to 20.8 mph.

28 degrees! Going for a 14 mile ride!
My training regimen now consists primarily of cycling for the bulk of the time, followed by swimming for a brief supplement.  In case you didn't gather from the first couple paragraphs, the "cycling" I'm referring to is a stationery bike at Healthtrax.


J here. G and I got into an argument
yesterday because he claims he's
"ready" for the trip. I gave him my infamous "for real?" retort. I understand he's anxious to just start, and he's getting bored cycling in loops or not even moving when he's cycling at the gym. The REALITY is he needs the three more months to train. To build up endurance,speed, and momentum.

Also, thanks for all our blog readers and Facebook followers. If you haven't "Liked" our page on Facebook (the link is on the side bar) please do. I easily can post videos on the Facebook, but I haven't figured out how to do it on the blog yet. Well, that's a lie. I have to download some app or something. Basically, if you follow us on Facebook, you can watch some videos as well.
Spread the word!!!

We've spent the past month trying to get the "word" out about our social media stuff. Facebook actually blocked us for a week for trying to add too many friends, which is ironic because Facebook force feeds you to add people with their friend suggestions. We friend requested a lot of people at work but because of our "Gerenifer" name people didn't accept us because they didn't know who we were (despite G's pic) OR they did know and just didn't want to be associated with us. hehe

Pre Ride Video

3-29-14 Saturday
J and I just finished an hour of cycling at Healthrax for an event called Charity Cycling. It was fun, but I'd rather be outside!  It's been raining for two days now, and the weather is expected to be above freezing for the next two weeks. Come rain!  Come sun!  Melt the snow and let the Jenard run!!!!!