Wait, I'm not the only one who's done this?

These are some other sites of people who have cycled across the U.S.:

The second “Portland” in this title is actually a city in England!!
I like the simplicity of this site. It’s easy to navigate and filled with stuff that I wanted to read about as I planned for the trip.

Husband and wife team who both rode across the country (each on their own bike) and therefore had to carry everything with them.  Check out their packing list!  Almost everything on that list will be in the car with the Mrs.  I thank God every day for that woman!

The Trek Travel Bike Tour will plan the whole thing out for you from Portland to Portland.  You get full support, including really nice hotel rooms, sag wagons and most meals are provided. They even lend you a Domane 5.9!  You get all this for only $16,999.00  (a dollar less than 17 thousand!)  Look at it, and if you decide you want to go, I'll plan the same trip for you for HALF the price.* (*this quote does not include a bike, meals or hotel rooms.  And you have to tip me 30 percent). (you will however, get the pleasure of my company on the road and the expertise I've gained from the current trip I'm planning)

These guys went from West to East.  Lot's of really cool pics!

*All in all. Always remember just to have a good time on your ride. If you're extra lucky like I am, cherish the person who accompanies you on your ride.

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